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We understand that, if you’re not familiar with Ayurveda, you might be skeptical about the benefits too. And of course, if you’ve been brought up with Ayurveda, you’ll want to know how we can guarantee authenticity. So we do everything we can to offer you peace of mind. Our treatments are informed by the technical expertise of a highly reputed Ayurveda hospital in Kerala. We recruit our staff from Kerala, where they are trained in authentic Ayurveda. Our doctors study a five year degree programme and all of our therapists have at least six year’s experience, so you know you will be in safe hands.

Unique Kerala Ayurveda Treatments

Abhyangam (Ayurvedic Massage).

Abhyangam is a Sanskrit word, which means application of oil all over the body. Ancient Ayurvedic text books recommend  this as an integral part of the daily routine to all who wish good health and longevity of life. It is relaxing and refreshing full body massage with medicated herbal oils to take care of physical, mental, emotional well being of the person while balancing the doshas.

After the procedure the person is directed to take a herbal steam bath followed by a hot shower. As pitcher becomes resistant and firm by smearing oil, the skin and body become strong , bright and resistant to pain and exertion; the obstructing Vata dosha is calmed down by applying the oil.

(Ref: Charaka Samhita sutrastana Chapter 5;Verse:85)

Swedana / Herbal Steam

Enhances openings of the pores, flushing out impurities through the sweat glands and increasing the penetration of curative oils and herbs used in therapy.(Sweating).

The treatment is a specific fomentation in which steam generated from aromatic and medicinal herbs is applied to the whole body. This loosens the blood vessels and removes all harmful substances from the entire body system. The therapy includes many different forms of heat treatments.

Sneha Panam / Drinking Medicated Ghee

This is a fine treatment for digestive disorders like ulcers and IBS, certain skin diseases like psoriasis, rashes, boils etc. Moderate and superior doses of snehapanam are found to be effective for urinary disorders, diabetes mellitus, gout and epilepsy. Medicated ghee, eaten in empty stomach, for its first hand therapeutic value, is called snehapanam. The treatment involves the removal of hard-core toxins and wastes from the body. Snehapanam is one of the excellent preparatory methods before Panchakarma.

The ghee lubricates all the channels of the body, including the lymph, and forces out the toxins from them, into the digestive tract. It also calms down the mind and reduces mental stress. As a result, the body immunity increases, the effects of the ailments subside and frequent recurrence of the disease is prevented. It also increases the person’s appetite level and accelerates peristaltic movements of the intestine.


Shiro dhara a therapeutic Marma head massage with herbal oils is done and herbal oil, medicated milk or herbal decoction is poured in gently and steadily over the forehead in a continuous stream using a special rhythmic swaying movement. This results in a fantastic sense of deep relaxation and inner peace. This is an oil based treatment effective for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease, complex headaches, insomnia, depression, sleeplessness, and various other neurological disorders. The treatment involves lavish pouring of medicated oil on the person’s forehead. Since treatment is done directly on the head, its therapeutic properties activate the brain cells directly.


The word takra means buttermilk, dhara with medicated butter milk is called as takradhara..This ayurvedic treatment method which involves continuous flow of medicated butter milk to the centre of forehead continuously for up to an hour. It indicated in diseases like psoriasis, mental worries, Insomnia, Chronic headaches, migraine etc.


Thalam is the Malayalam name for the Ayurvedic therapeutic measure, shirovasti (shirobasti). It is the process of retaining medicinal oil over the head with the help of a suitable cap to provide nourishment to brain cells to prevent brain cell damage.

Thalam is the best treatment to cure variety of conditions like insomnia, stress, tension, and different mental conditions. In the past this therapy was prescribed only for people with mental illness.

The stress associated with modern lifestyle has created several problems and thalam is redesigned as an Ayurveda therapy to cure conditions such as lack of memory, inability to concentrate, lack of willpower, etc. It is also a good therapy for general good feeling.


Under this procedure, the head is covered with Amla (Indian gooseberry) paste prepared in buttermilk or some decoctions suitable for the condition. Then, the head is covered with a banana leaf. This procedure has been seen to be very effective for dealing with stress, anxiety, sinusitis, chronic headache, sleep disorders and hair loss.


It is a specialized Ayurveda therapy in which a piece of cloth or cotton soaked with medicated oil is applied to the head for 30-45 minutes in a special manner.. It is indicated for facial palsy, headache, Insomnia, Dermatisis of scalp, dandruff, neurological diseases, paralysis and psychosomatic illnesses.

Shiro Vasthi

Shirovasthi is the retention of warm medicated oil over the head for a certain amount of time. This oil is a prepared mixture of gingely oil,Staff Tree, castor oil, ghee, common milk, and medicated herbs like bala,winter cherry,black gram, castor plant, bacopa etc. There are special ways and methods in which the herbs and oils are boiled in order to extract their full medicinal properties

This is an effective treatment for many diseases of the head, face, and central nervous system. Sirovasthi is ideal for facial paralysis, migraine, head ache, insomnia, memory loss, mental stress, dry nose, dryness of the eye and also for cervical spondylosis. Though useful in all Dosha types of ailments, the treatment is more useful in Vata related diseases.


Pizhichil is a special form of treatment which is a combination of oil massage and heat treatment. This therapy is also known as treatment for aristocrats as in the olden days the Maharajas or Kings used to have his treatment.

A gentle, synchronized massage is carried out under a constant flow of warm herbal oil. This Ayurveda treatment also involves squeezing a cloth soaked in oil over the body. During this treatment the patient is made to sit on a Ayurveda chair specially made for this purpose and the medicated oils are then applied over the head and body. Ayurveda therapists are all the time present for the observation of the treatment and if needed at the same time the Shriodhara is also undertaken.

This Ayurveda treatment of Pizhichil has been highly valued by all our guests and produces good results in case of joint problems and muscle tension. The duration of Pizhichil is decided by the Ayurveda experts after the body constitution of the individual has been determined. Pizhichil Treatment increases the blood circulation, nourishes muscles, nerve tissues and sexual ability. Pizhichil Ayurveda treatment is also effective for Paraplegia, Hemiplegia and general debility.

Kizhi (Herbal Poultice Massage)

Kizhi is one of the signature treatments in Ayurveda. In this treatment herbal powders are compressed into small linen bags, and then the whole body is vigorously massaged after dipping it into warm medicated oil until the warmth induces the skin to sweat.

This therapy helps curing the arthritis, rheumatic conditions, sports injuries, stress and pain of sore joints & muscles, sprain, acute and chronic back pain.

Njavara Kizhi

The body is massaged with linen bags filled with cooked Njavara rice, frequently warming it in a mixture of decoction and milk. This massage is normally done by 2 people. It is acardinal treatment for diseases affecting the nervous system. Pain, rheumatism, emaciation of limbs, stroke, hypertension, sciatica, spondylosis etc. are the indications.

Dhanyamla Dhara

This procedure will be done by four people using special pots to pour a warm acidic herbal fluid (Dhanyamlam) all over patient’s body. Helps to reduce inflammation and pain in many cases and is a method of sweating without using oils. This is done for people with cases of arthritis, stroke, rheumatism etc.

Kadi Vasthy

A particular type of oil is kept over the affected part (usually the lower back) inside a boundary made of some herbal pastes. This is particularly effective in all kinds of back pains and spinal disorders. The same procedure when done on the chest is called Urovasthy.


Herbal pastes are applied over the affected parts. This is usually done to reduce swelling, pain or inflammation of the joints. And this is also used to treat some skin diseases.

Mukha Lepam (Herbal Facial)

A herbal powder is mixed with cow’s milk and applied on the face. It is kept for one hour and then washed. This is a herbal face pack. This helps to remove wrinkles and black marks, improve the skin tone and imparts a special glow to the face. The powder is a special of the Al Manar Ayurvedic Centre.

Ksheera Dhoomam

Under this, the patients face and neck is steamed with medicated milk. This is very effective in treating facial paralysis and diseases of the sensory organs.


After some oil applications, the patient will be sit in a tub full of hot herbal decoction suitable for patient’s condition. For the diseases of spinal cord, hip and lower back. This is very helpful for gynecological conditions and ano-rectal diseases.


A concoction of herbal pastes and some acidic liquids will be applied on the affected parts. This will be covered with leaves of calotropis, ricinus etc. and a cotton cloth on the top. This will be retained in place for at least 3 hours. This is highly effective for inflammatory joint pains and helps in reducing stiffness of joints and improves mobility of joints.


Agnikarma is an Ancient Medical Technique derived from the Indian system of medicine, Ayurveda. The technique of Agnikarma has been designed to relieve various muscular and joint disorders.

The word Agnikarma means the application of Agni (heat).

The Agnikarma technique involves a procedure whereby heat is transferred to the affected parts of the body using a metal Shalaka (metal rod) in an aseptic manner. Therapeutic burns are created using these metal rods, based on the specialist knowledge in a number of areas including: type of disorder, constitution of the patient, severity of the disorder, etc.

Pancha Karma

Vamanam (Induce a controlled vomiting)

Medically induced vomiting. This is the cleansing process for the upper respiratory tract and upper digestive tract.This treatment is effective for asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, indigestion, epilepsy, excessive salivation and diseases in fatty tissue and muscular tissue like hemorrhoids, tumors of fat and muscle. It is one among the renowned Panchakarma treatments.

Effective in Kapha rogas and some skin diseases like leukoderma etc

Virechanam (Therapeutic Purgation)

The effective method of cleaning and evacuation of the bowels through the use of purgative medicines.When the digestive tract is clean and toxic-free, it benefits the entire body system. As a result, the person’s appetite increases, body strength enhances and the person becomes active and buoyant. Thus virechanam also functions as an excellent rejuvenative procedure.

It eliminates excess bile toxins from the mid zone of the body. Hence for many of the digestive ailments, people resort to this form of treatment. Ulcers, IBS, gastritis, intestinal colic, jaundice, kidney complaints, hypertension, hysteria, asthma, etc.

Vasthi (Enema)

Vasthi is the ace amongst all Panchakarma treatments. In simple terms, vasthi means medicated enema. It washes out all your toxins through the digestive tract. It alleviates constipation, distention, chronic fever, the common cold, sexual disorders, kidney stones, piles, backache, and hyper acidity. Rheumatoid and gouty arthritis are also treated by vasthi.

Since medicines reach your bowels directly without enzymatic actions, its effectiveness is very high. Hence, vasthi is also done along with many other Ayurvedic treatments. Due to its potential healing ability, vasthi is considered as “half the treatment”, for many of these types of diseases.As a rejuvenating health treatment, vasthi imparts high immunity and longevity, reduces degeneration of tissues, and prevents ageing.

Nasyam (Nasal Instillation)

Nasyam is the instillation of herbal medicines through the nostrils. Its impacts are very diverse. It removes mucous clogs, cleans and clears the head channels, and also stimulates the brain cells and central nervous system. It is one among the five Panchakarma treatments. It is commonly used to treat diseases like paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, complex headache, acute sinusitis, diseases of the head, neck and nose, Bell’s palsy,Arthritis, and cervical spondylosis.

Raktha Moksha (Blood Letting)

Raktamokshana therapy is the blood cleansing and purification therapy. It is a therapeutic cleaning process given by Ayurveda. It is one of the essential parts of the Panchkarma healing treatments. It is the prime process of blood detoxification. It is derived from the two words, “Rakt”, which means blood and “Mokshana”, which means leave. Thus, Rakt mokshana means to let the blood out. The blood is expelled out from the body to reduce the quantity of toxic substances in the blood borne disorders.

Netra Kriya Kalpas / Eye Treatments

Akshi Sekam (Eye Wash)

During this therapeutic treatment, a continuous stream of medicated decoctions is applied on the eyes for a soothing, rejuvenating experience. It is highly curative and can assuage the pain of overstressed eyes.

Beneficial for Lifestyle & Relaxation, Calms the mind, Relieves the eyes, Eye Care, Improves vision, Strengthens eye muscles, Cools the eyes and mind.


The highly powerful procedure which rejuvenates the eyes. The paste of gram is applied around the eyes which gives the appearance of a dam. The medicated ghee is then poured in the eyes for a time described according to the diseased condition. The active ingredients of the ghee medicine start the regeneration process and the vision is restored.

Tharpanam therapy is said to improve eye sight, strengthen the optic nerve and prevent different eye diseases. It is basically an eye-cleansing process and gives a cooling effect to eyes.


Herbal juice mixed with goat’s milk is collected around the eyes similarly as in Nethra Tharpanam. This helps in relieving tiredness of the eyes helps in clearing the vision.


This is nothing but application of eye drops. This has been found to be helpful in conditions like various eye infections, cataract etc.