The Causes of Hair Loss and How to Prevent it

Many people suffer from hair loss, and while there are many different reasons that can cause it, there are also many different ways to prevent it.

If you are suffering from hair loss and want to know how to stop it or reverse it you should read this article. It will tell you about the causes of hair loss as well as all the things that you can do in order to combat this common problem.

There is a lot of information on the topic online, but we have picked out some of the most common reasons for hair fall and given tips on how to avoid these reasons.

Signs that Your Lack of Healthy Eating is Causing Hair Loss

Some people don’t think much about how their diet affects their hair. A poor diet can cause hair loss or make it brittle. Eating plenty of iron, protein, B vitamins and other nutrients will help you grow healthy hair.

There are some signs that your lack of healthy eating is causing your hair to fall out:

-You have dry, brittle, or thinning hair

-Your scalp has become red and irritated from scratching too much

-You eat a lot of processed food and not enough fruits and vegetables

-You eat a lot of sugar

-Your fingernails are splitting or breaking easily

Ayurvedic Treatments that Reduce the Severity of Hair Loss

The Ayurvedic treatments for hair loss are divided into three types:

1. Nidana (important clues for diagnosis)
2. Ahar (taking taking food, diet as precaution or as medicine)
3. Chikitsa (support and self-care)

Some of the Ayurvedic treatments that reduce the severity of hair loss.

1. Regular massage on scalp with coconut oil for 90 minutes each day

2. Ingesting healthy, balanced diet

3. Meditating or practicing yoga to release stress and anxiety

4. Eating a nutritious diet consisting of natural probiotics and antioxidants

5. Remaining in a positive state of mind by practicing self-love, gratitude, forgiveness, joyfulness, kindness,& acceptance

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